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Burning Fluid Lamps

While manufactured in the same time period as whale oil lamps, burning fluid lamps were only in use for a relatively brief amount of time. Beginning with the first burning fluid fuel patent in 1830, burning fluid lamps flourished as a desirable alternative to whale oil lamps until the mainstream introduction of kerosene lamps in the 1860s.

Burning fluid lamp fuel produced a brilliant white light without smoke or odor. However, because the burning fluid fuel was by nature a mixture of various flammable components, early versions of burning fluid fuel used in whale oil lamps sometimes exploded. This problem was remedied by the introduction of specialized burning fluid lamps. These burning fluid lamps had a smaller reservoir (called a font in a lamp) to hold the burning fluid fuel so that less flammable gas could back up into the font.  

Original burning fluid lamps with original burning fluid burners are not common. Burning fluid lamps in good condition and with a desirable style are generally sold in the range of a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Paired burning fluid lamps can be worth even more.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about burning fluid lamps:

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