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Chicago Mosaic Lamp Co.


There is currently not a wealth of information about The Chicago Mosaic Lamp Company.  What we do know is, as the name suggests, that the Chicago Mosaic Lamp Company was located in Chicago, IL.  Business directories of that era list a Chicago Mosaic Lamp Co. in 1905, 1910, and 1914.

As with most other small regional lamp makers, the Chicago Mosaic Lamp Company saw the phenomenal success of Tiffany Studios’ patented copper foiled mosaic lampshades and began to manufacture their own versions after the patent expired in 1903. The Chicago Mosaic Lamp Company in particular applied it to their regional area, being sure to incorporate the popular flora of the Great Lakes area.

While many Chicago Mosaic lamps feature a larger than normal shade, most Chicago Mosaic lamp shades have a diameter somewhere between 16 and 24 inches, with 21 inches being the standard. 

The quickest way to identify a Chicago Mosaic lamp is by the lamp’s base.  Occasionally the base will be marked “MOSAIC SHADE INC. CHICAGO”.  Unfortunately though, many Chicago Mosaic lamps are unmarked.  Lamps that aren’t marked can only be said to be attributed to the Chicago Mosaic Lamp Company, which means they will generally sell for a lower price than their signed counterparts. 

A signed Chicago Mosaic lamp in good condition, with no cracked or missing glass panels can be worth several hundred to several thousand dollars. Larger diameter lamps are generally worth more than smaller Chicago Mosaic lamps.

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