Old Lamp Values        An Online Guide to Antique Lamps

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sell my old lamp to Old Lamp Values?

We are antique lamp specialists that can offer fair market prices for your old lamp. We have been in business for quite some time now and pride ourselves on having a reputation for satisfied customers. There are no hidden fees involved in selling a lamp to us, and the whole process is quick, easy, and convenient.

How do I sell my old lamp to Old Lamp Values?

It’s very easy to sell your old lamp to Old Lamp Values. In fact, you can get started in just three steps:

1.       Take a few clear pictures of your old lamp. Include the bottom of the base and any special markings or signatures. Also note any condition problems.

2.      Send the photos to info@oldlampvalues.com .  Or, if you prefer to send the photos through the mail, just let us know!

3.      We’ll contact you with our estimate.

What is an estimate?

An estimate is a price range that reflects our best guess at how much money your lamp will sell for on the open market. Any number of things can impact the price range, not the least of which are condition, rarity, and color. Currently, Old Lamp Values only offers estimates to American-made electric lamps, produced between 1890 and 1940.

If I decide to accept the estimate, what happens next?

If you decide to accept an estimate from Old Lamp Values, then you ship your lamp to us for an in-depth appraisal. We’ll call you when we receive your lamp and we’ll give you a purchase offer within 48 hours. If you like our purchase offer, we’ll send you a certified check from our bank. If not, we’ll send your lamp back to you. It’s that easy!

What’s the best way to ship an old lamp?

With plenty of packing materials! A lamp damaged in transit is almost always a lamp that wasn’t packed with enough bubble wrap. So, pack your lamp securely and send it Parcel Post with insurance and signature confirmation through the post office. Sending a lamp to us with signature confirmation means you know exactly when we receive your lamp.