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       Gas Lamps

Gas lamps first became popular in big cities during the 1820s. Unlike fluid lamps, gas lamps did not contain a reservoir for fuel (called a font in a lamp). Gas lamps used hoses to connect to gas pipelines in the home’s walls or ceiling. While gas lamps were cleaner and easier to use than whale oil lamps and kerosene lamps, gas companies only existed in larger towns. Therefore, people in rural communities had no access to gas supplies and could not use gas lamps.

Gas lamps varied in size and shape, but they most often consisted of a metal base with a glass shade. Gas lamps also had a ‘gas key’ that was used to control the flow of natural gas through the lamp.  Often located at the base of the lamp, the gas key often took the form of a cross or a simple ring.

Many gas lamps from the 1850s onward used a sculpted metal figurine for the base; these lamps are more desirable than other types of gas lamps. Electrifying a gas lamp does not negatively impact the value, as long as the wiring was done by a professional and the lamp was not drastically altered. A unique gas lamp in good condition is worth anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.

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