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Handel Lamps

Incorporated in 1903, The Handel Company produced a great variety of glass and ceramic wares until The Great Depression bankrupted the company in 1936. Of all their products, The Handel Company considered decorative lamps their most important item. Fortunately, that meant that almost all Handel  lampshades and bases were signed, and it’s not uncommon to find the decorator’s signature as well.

Unlike Tiffany Studios and The Pairpoint Company, The Handel Company did not manufacture their own glass lampshades. Instead, The Handel Company bought glass sheets and molded glass blanks from other companies.

Known in today’s antique market for their painted floral and scenic lampshades, The Handel Company also produced leaded glass mosaic lampshades and colored glass lampshades with geometric and floral metal overlays. 

While Handel first produced mosaic glass shades for its lamps, they soon branched into other design areas. Handel lamps with metal overlays over slag glass are from the company's "Teroca Ware" line. Handel Teroca lamps were so successful that the next line of lamps introduced were called Teroma. Handel Teroma lamps are the familiar painted scene lamps.

A complete Handel lamp with a signed lampshade and base in good condition can retail for a few hundred dollars up to several thousand. Many Handel lamps, especially those that feature peacocks and blackbirds, are worth quite a bit more.

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