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Pairpoint Lamps

The Pairpoint Company began life in 1894 after a merger with Mt. Washington Glass Company. Although the Pairpoint Company produced many different types of lamps, their most famous lamps were the ‘puffies’.

Puffies were made by pouring liquid glass into metal mold segments that were bolted together. After the glass had cooled, the mold segments were unbolted, and the resulting glass shade polished and reverse painted on the inside.  The Pairpoint Company received a patent for this innovation in 1907. Puffies were so different from the mosaic leaded glass shades prevalent at the time that they quickly became popular and even Tiffany and Co. sold Pairpoint Puffy lamps in their stores.

Today, all Pairpoint lamps are desirable, not just the puffies. The Pairpoint Company manufactured more than a hundred different lamps, including scenic shade lamps in the manner of Handel. These scenic shades can display floral arrangements, birds and butterflies, or even mountain scenes.

A signed Pairpoint lamp in good condition, with no glass chips to the shade or damage to the base, can be worth several hundred to several thousand dollars.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about Pairpoint lamps:

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