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The Wilkinson Company

The Wilkinson Company was incorporated in 1907 in Brooklyn, NY.  The founder of the company, Elmer Wilkinson, had been trained as a clockmaker and made elaborate clock cases before venturing into art glass lighting in 1909.  The Wilkinson Co. was only in business for six years before succumbing to bankruptcy in 1915.

During the time the Wilkinson Co. was in business, they became known for their exquisitely designed bases and construction details. Unfortunately, the Wilkinson lampshades are less distinguished.  The Wilkinson Company frequently copied the successful designs of other lamp manufacturers and omitted some of the smaller details to sell the same shade style as a Tiffany or Duffner and Kimberly lamp for much less.

The Wilkinson Company also did not frequently sign their pieces. Occasionally a base will bear a mark that says, “WILKINSON CO. BROOKLYN, N.Y.”, but the lampshades are generally not signed.  Instead, many Wilkinson lamps are identified as such by their heat cap and ring assemblies.  The Wilkinson Company used a particular locking mechanism to prevent the lampshades from being dislodged.

An original Wilkinson lamp in good condition, with no cracked or missing glass panels, can be expected to bring between several hundred dollars and several thousand dollars at auction.

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