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Duffner and Kimberly Lamps

The Duffner and Kimberly Company, begun in 1906, produced art glass lamps in direct competition with Tiffany Studios.  Duffner and Kimberly focused exclusively on creating very high-end art glass shades with matching bronze or brass bases. In fact, the cheapest Duffner and Kimberly lamp sold in their 1906 sales catalogue was priced at twenty dollars. The most expensive Duffner and Kimberly lamps available in 1906 fetched five hundred dollars and were heavily advertised by the company. 

Only in business for seven years, Duffner and Kimberly manufactured a relatively small number of lamps. Duffner and Kimberly lamps generally lack the nature motifs seen in the Tiffany Studios lamps and are considered more formal. It is also uncommon for a Duffner and Kimberly lamp to be signed on either the shade or the base. Instead, a particular circular locking mechanism is used as a means of identification on many Duffner and Kimberly lamps that aren't signed.  

Duffner and Kimberly lamps, especially those that are signed on either the shade or the base, are very desirable. A Duffner and Kimberly lamp in good condition, with no missing glass panels or damage to the base, can be worth thousands of dollars.

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