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Whale Oil Lamps

Whale oil lamps were used from about 1780 to 1860. These old lamps were easily converted from burning whale oil to kerosene and then later to electricity, so an original whale oil lamp can be very valuable as not many untouched lamps remain. 

Whale oil lamps were produced in all sizes, styles, and colors. While the value of a whale oil lamp depends on a variety of factors, including condition, a good quality whale oil lamp can bring anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand at a whale oil lamp auction.

Whale oil lamps made of colored glass are highly valued, especially if there are no chips of glass missing from the lamp base. Pairs of whale oil lamps are also highly valued.  Wiring a whale oil lamp for electricity does not negatively affect the lamp’s value, so long as the whale oil lamp wasn’t drilled into for the power cord and the original burners for the whale oil were kept and not thrown out.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about whale oil lamps:

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